An eco-responsible approach

The Etoile d’Argens Ecolodge has anchored its development in an eco-responsible logic.

All our efforts are being put into favouring your wellbeing, preserving your health, but also protecting all the wildlife on the Ecolodge and - in general - on our territory.


An on-going Bio and Green camping (Côte d'azur)

The Etoile d’Argens Ecolodge has been affirming its choices of development in an eco-responsible logic.

This new programme, begun in early 2017, will take shape over several years.

Have a look at what’s already been set up 

Local and well thought-out at the restaurant of the Etoile d’Argens

Local and well thought-out, the quality French cuisine that we propose at the restaurant of the Etoile d’Argens, is rich with Mediterranean savours - our local producers being their prime inspiration

Whenever it's possible we opt for reducing their carbon footprint and as near to bio as possible.

And, for those of you who are vegetarians, now you will always be able to find at least one dish close to your heart on the menu every day!


Didactic activities for children

We are proposing outings for children (with their parents). These outings are orchestrated by monitors who are specialists in natural ecosystems. Our aim: get the children to discover, love and learn to protect wildlife.

The Etoile d’Argens Ecolodge, member of the Bird Protection League.

Did you know that the Etoile d’Argens Ecolodge (Côte d'azur) shelters more than 70 parrot couples ?

We are proud to say that we support the Bird Protection League!

Bio at the grocer’s

The grocer’s shop at the Etoile d’Argens Ecolodge camping-site proposes a range of Bio-labelled products and some fair-trade. The following year should see the range filling out.

No chemical fertilisers !

The Etoile d’Argens Ecolodge camping-site is also committed to banishing completely any chemical fertiliser and using only natural fertilisers. Cleaning products too are certified green.

Better waste-management

The Etoile d’Argens Ecolodge is proud of sorting its waste on the camping-site. A waste-sorting unit is, besides, at your disposal.

The Ecolodge team re-uses some of its green waste for mulching or compost

 Dangerous and/or polluting waste such as used cooking oils, are stocked in specific places and collected by a specialised recycling company.

We recycle of course our cartridges and all plastic tops for associations

Giving preference to “eco-sustainable” materials for the new lodges

Giving preference to “eco-sustainable” materials for the new lodges and the “eco-sustainable” character of materials is, from now on, an indispensible criterion of choice for acquiring new lodges. We have applied this specially to the Kabanes and Kosy.

Of course, these rules are a must for all our construction-works. The cladding on the buildings, comes, for example, from “responsible" forestry.

We also give preference to French companies for the creation and production of our mobile homes and chalets.

Water is precious

Water is a precious resource. It is even more-so in the Var.

That’s why each mobile home is equipped with a water economiser. The 2017 models have an individual water meter so as to avoid leaks and all the staff of the Etoile d’Argens Ecolodge camping-site are trained to recognise the signs.

Have you noticed a leak ? We’ll be grateful if you let us know.

Pedal ! It’s good for your health (and for the planet) !

In order to limit the use of polluting vehicles, the camping-site puts bicycles at your disposal for rental. As to the staff vehicles used inside the camping-site at the Ecolodge, they are all electric.

A first step in the direction of renewable energy

It’s not an easy task changing energy supplies in existing lodges… It’s a process that will take time.

Nevertheless, all our new lodges are chosen taking this constraint into account.

Our aim : limit CO2 emissions whenever possible.

As to the mobile homes, they are all equipped with low-energy light bulbs.

Creation of a botanical path

In the idea of always protecting the environment that surrounds us as well as the local fauna and flora, and to make you benefit from it, we have created a real botanical path that crosses Ecolodge in its length. Located in the middle of the Natura 2000 zone, this park is full of plant and animal species that you can approach, observe during a walk and even discover thanks to our panels implanted with the aim of teaching you more. We even have several rare species! In addition, the walk of a few hundred meters is very pleasant, it goes to the edge of the river.

Doing even better 

We are well aware that everything will not be immediately perfect. But our motivation and commitment are sincere. Every year, we will keep you up to date with the newly established actions in favor of the environment and your well-being.

Because the preservation of the planet is the business of all ...

A charter of good environmental behavior is displayed in all mobile homes to make customers aware of the protection of nature.
Do you notice a malfunction? Let us know !


A certified ecological commitment

L'Ecolodge l'Etoile d'Argens on Côte d'azur, thanks to its commitment and its approach to preserve our environment, obtained in 2017, the Green Key International Label. The tourist ecolabel, Green Key is the first international environmental label for tourist accommodation and catering. The professionals who have obtained this label are committed to a high-performance environmental approach with the aim of constantly evolving towards the best practices recommended by the Green Key Global.

Clef Verte, label environnement international pour l'hébergement touristique

Green Key Global, international environment label for tourist accommodation.


Ecolabel européen Ecolodge etoile dargens