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27 June - Departure
A natural source
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5 star campsite at Fréjus Saint Aygulf

Treat yourself to a dream holiday in an Ecolodge!

Campsite Fréjus Our Commitment and eco-gestures
Open from 17 May 2024 to 03 November 2024

The best of luxury camping in Fréjus

Our 5 star campsite in Fréjus Aygulf welcomes you to an exceptional 16 hectare site situated right in the heart of the Natura 2000 Embouchure de l’Argens nature reserve, classed as a sanctuary for the protection of birds, just a few feet away from the Mediterranean. Our campsite also contains an attraction you won’t find anywhere else in France, a port with two water-bus shuttles that takes our visitors to a deserted sand beach.

Discover our unique ecolodges, our luxurious wooden cabins on stilts, or settle yourself into one of our comfortable mobile-homes here in Fréjus. Come explore this heavenly, green, calm, natural spot, where the sea and a soft sandy beach are waiting to be enjoyed just a few minutes away thanks to our water-bus-shuttle. Make the most of our superb infrastructures and facilities during your family holiday: heated water park, spa and wellness area, multisport terrain, mini-golf, kids club and more.

Our campsite in Fréjus by the sea also offers a large range of fun, athletic activities, as well as plenty of festive entertainment, theme nights and cultural outings, all available all season long. Finally, for a relaxing holiday in Var, we offer plenty of high quality luxury services to make sure your stay is as enjoyable as possible!

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Ecolodge, a 5 star open air hotel,
Member of the citoyenne du Monde association,
for luxury holidays in Fréjus

LPO Sanctuary
Natura 2000 Site
Port and Water-Bus Shuttle
High quality, swimming water minus the taste of chlorine. Air-conditioned hot and cold water.
Botanical trail in a 2.5 hectare nature reserve
All our eco-gestures

Mobile Home rent-out
Fréjus & Ecolodges

Our accommodation options

Lodges on stilts overlooking the Argens, luxury bungalows made from sustainable materials, comfortable, classic cottages & and authentic camping pitches, so everyone can enjoy the surrounding natural haven.


Couple arriving on the Esclamande Beach via the water-bus-shuttle of l\'Etoile d\'Argens Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus Couple enjoying one of our Mediterranean dishes at “L’Olivier” restaurant - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus Close-up of veranda on a Lodge Kabane on stilts - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus Couple paddle-boarding at the nautical base - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus

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Zenithal view of Aquatic Centre - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus Mother and baby on the veranda of a Lodge Kabane on stilts - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus Aerial View of the Aquatic Center and a couple swimming in the pool- Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus

Come stay at our Fréjus campsite with its
water park by the seaside

The Ecolodge

Try our chic, & green Ecolodge in Fréjus Saint Aygulf on the banks of the Argens for an eco-friendly on the water’s edge in a Natura 2000 site.

As well as…
the best beaches in Frejus Saint Aygulf

With direct access
thanks to our water-bus-shuttle

Green camping experience in Var

Our Ecogestures

Being on holiday doesn’t mean you can’t think green. So, every day, we come up with new ways we can minimise our environmental impact.

Less chlorine in the pool sounds pretty cool
In 2018, we renovated our Aquatic Centre. We added in a very powerful filter system to allow us to obtain the purest and healthiest water possible. Your skin will not be dried out by the products used to treat the water, such as chlorine, as the use of these products has been considerably reduced to respect the current guidelines.
Couple swimming in the large swimming pool of the Aquatic Centre - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus
An LPO Sanctuary is the best place to be
Since 2019, our Fréjus campsite has been classed as an LPO Sanctuary for the League of the Protection of Birds! We have also committed ourselves to protecting the nature found on this site to help preserve the habitat of the birds, in particular, 70 pairs of budgerigars who nest in this sanctuary all year round!
Nesting Box LPO Sanctuary - <g ctype=\"underlined\"> </g>Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus
Say goodbye to pollution with our park for pedestrians
Transforming our site into a 100% pedestrian park is one of our main goals. Our project is slowly taking shape. We are already limiting access to the park to vehicles, a crucial move to allow our holidaymakers to have a peaceful and safe stay. Our goal is also to reduce the use of polluting vehicles inside the park itself. To help us with this plan, a bicycle rental service is available to our guests.
Couple bike-riding on botanical trail - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus
All our eco-gestures

5 star campsite in Var

The region

Discover the heart of Azur, the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean blended with the green of the Massif de l’Esterel, on a land where the Romans built the foundations of Fréjus, a city which today, hums to the tune of sweet Provence.

Aerial view of campsite - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus
l’Etoile d’Argens, since 1968

Founded in 1968 near the seaside resort of Fréjus, the campsite formerly known as Etoile d’Argens became the Ecolodge Etoile d’Argens following a redesign structure in the mid 2010’s. For over half a century, our campsite has worked and continues to work towards its top priority: making sure our holidays guests are happy. As a pioneer in this environmentally-responsible development strategy, our establishment aims to create a perfect harmony between comfort, pleasure, well-being and staying green.

Our History
Mother and child during sunset - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus
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Your satisfaction, is our reward!

Every season, we pull out all the stops so that you can have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends in our 5 star campsite in Fréjus. A satisfied customer is the best reward we could ask for!