Camping Etoile d'Argens
27 May - Departure
Seminar Room for groups and seminars - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus

Organise your
in the middle of nature

Organise your seminar in Fréjus in an
idyllic spot here at our eco-campsite.

A unique spot to welcome your team and collaborators for a seminar in Var

Are you looking for an usual, unique, and magic place to welcome your business partners and clients for a day or more in order to present your strategy, launch a product, galvanize the troops or rebuild team spirit? Our 5 star campsite resort the Ecolodge Etoile d’Argens located in Fréjus on the banks of the Argens River and just a few feet away from the Mediterranean, invites you to join us, and make the most of the exceptional amenities and infrastructures available to you to guarantee your event is a success. Discover our numerous amenities and services to help you work in the best conditions and out in the middle of nature!

Incentive, a group of colleagues gathered together - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus
Aerial view of Aquatic Centre and infrastructure - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus

Multiple equipment available to properly host companies and groups

Whether you are an association, company, or public service, all are welcome to our campsite in Var. We are experts in hosting groups for seminars, with the perfect inspiring place to boost your team, ensure a successful launch of your product, all while enjoying our top-of-the range lodgings, nature-based activities, and making use of our conference room in Fréjus… Organise seminars, team building and unforgettable incentive events here at the Ecolodge Etoile d’Argens!

Our establishment comes with a conference and work room, available to all professional guests and to host all types of seminars, over a day or several-day period. Enjoy the charms of a natural, inspiring space to organise some open-air activities to bring you and your team closer together. In addition, our high-class quality fully-equipped accommodation are at your disposal, combining luxury and comfort, all while respecting the environment. There are several types of accommodation available in order to fit your project and service all your needs.

A fully-equipped conference room

Test out our work area reserved for our professional guest groups, complete with a fully-equipped conference room. Adjustable and with room for up to 20 people, this conference room comes equipped with a large screen and a paperboard. Comfortable and equipped with air conditioning, this conference room in Fréjus guarantees to provide a studious and professional space for you and your collaborators.

Seminar Room for groups and seminars with TV screen - Ecolodge L\'Etoile d\'Argens Campsite in Fréjus

A range of activities on offer for your incentives and team building

To bring your team closer together or boost morale, there is nothing better than getting everyone involved in some leisure and sporting activities! At the ’Ecolodge Etoile d’Argens, entertainment is our middle name. During your seminar, why not suggest to your collaborators a trip out on the Argens, the coastal river that runs along our site, in a canoe-kayak? Or how about a trip to the beach with our water-bus shuttle? Other options are, a tennis tournament, a mini-golf session, or even a scuba-diving initiation course… These activities are all extremely popular with our professional guests, employers, employees and clients alike!

Comfortable accommodation and special dining services

To ensure your seminar in Fréjus happens in the best conditions possible, your collaborators and or/clients can opt to stay directly o0n site, in one of the rental accommodations of our establishment. From cabins on stilts to mobile-homes, the best way to achieve the ultimate comfort business break. And when it comes to meals, we have plenty of dining offers for our guests. There are several set menus to choose from:

  • Breakfasts, brunch
  • Buffet, cocktail dinners
  • Private Booking
  • Catering service

Enjoy your seminar in Fréjus, the perfect blend of hard work and fun entertainment

For a medley of work sessions and entertaining activities, why not organise a seminar at our Ecolodge l’Etoile d’Argens in Fréjus and help your employees disconnect from their usual work space. Integration seminar, training seminar, management seminar, team building seminar, or any other… Choose our resort, the Ecolodge Etoile d’Argens, an unusual and original open-air and top of the range hotel located right in the heart of nature with exceptional surroundings in Var. With our campsite, your will leave your co-workers starry-eyed and help them create unforgettable memories! When it comes to organising your event, we offer a range of activities to participate in, special evening events based on your needs, and 5 star service as a plus: massages, a water-bus shuttle to the beach, mini-golf course, tennis courts, and more. An activity leader can even be assigned to you to help your plan out your activities around your projects.