5 days of juice detox & Yoga

5 days of juice detox & Yoga (vegetable juice and other vegetable drinks) from May 15 to 20, 2022.
Come and prepare your body for spring by purifying it with water detox.
This draining and detoxifying treatment will bring you the energy you need to start a new cycle.
One-off stays offered the weeks of May 15 to 20 or September 25 to 30, 2022.



A detox stay to purify your body and head, free you from extra pounds, practice yoga in a natural setting and get rid of stress and pollution of all kinds.



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3. How to book my cure or get more information?

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Ecolodge Etoile d'Argens séjour detox hydrique


From Monday to Friday, enjoy activities supervised by our naturopath Angélique Piat:

  • yoga classes by the river if the weather is nice
  • naturopathic workshops
  • art therapy
  • sylvotherapy
  • a sound and vibration yoga workshop
  • meditations on the beach with boat transport from the river to the beach
  • a sea trip subject to good weather

- A guide will be sent to you by e-mail for your food descent to start 1 week before the detox.
- The presence of a certified naturopath who has already supervised fasting & detox cures
- Unlimited pure water on site in an individual glass bottle
- A vegetable broth every evening
- 1 to 2 detox juices each day or other vegetable drink
- Unlimited herbal tea
- Stimulating plants + other herbal cures according to each one
- For food recovery: Friday morning a workshop on food recovery and the recovery meal prepared on site by the chef on my recommendations (to be paid at the Ecolodge 15 €)

Practical Infos

Cure offered one week only from May 15 to 20, 2022.


  • Subject to a minimum of 4 participants.
  • Maximum 15 participants for this stay.
  • By reservation only.
  • Introductory price: single price €590 all-inclusive / Accommodation of your choice in addition to be reserved with Ecolodge
    • The price includes outings, yoga classes, coaching, meditation and plants and other drinks for your cure.
    • 30% deposit will be requested upon booking. The entire cure a week before.

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How to book my cure or get more information?

All you need to do is contact Angélique, the Naturopath in charge of this stay:
By phone at 0781770985
or by email angelique.naturopathe@gmail.com 


She will explain the procedure to book your accommodation.

You'll find more info here


Know more about the therapist

Ecolodge Etoile d'Argens séjour a thème Jus detox

Angélique Piat is 43 years old, she is the mother of two children aged 11 and 13. Former actress, singer, she resumed studies in Naturopathy at the age of 34 and finished her class at CENATHO. She then went to India to an ashram where she learned to teach Hatha Yoga. Today she works as a Naturopath in the private hospital Sainte Marguerite in Hyères in the Var. For 5 years she has been giving yoga classes and organizing detox and fasting stays in different places such as on the island of Ibiza or in Greece, Guadeloupe or even in Provence. These activities have become a real passion.


"As a naturopath, I know that food is the major tool for health. Thanks to yoga and detox trips that I have been organizing for 5 years, I have seen the health benefits of detox cures, fasting and the need to take time for oneself, to re-learn how to eat well. I also saw how detoxes liberate the emotional sphere and also allow us to transform from the inside. "

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