Sponsorship offer

Sponsor your friends and receive a gift card of 50€


Sponsor your friends and
receive a gift card of 50€

To become a sponsor, there is nothing easier

  •  Communicate us the coordinates of the person your sponsoring
  •  If he books a mobile-home for at least one week (7 nights), you’ll receive a gift card of 50€ that you can use for your own stay at our Ecolodge
  •  The person you’re sponsoring will be rewarded with the same discount

Offre de parrainage à l'Ecolodge l'Etoile d'Argens. 50€ offerts

The conditions and terms about the sponsorship offer

For the sponsor :

  •  For every sponsorship, the sponsor will receive a gift card of 50€ that he can use for a future stay of at least one week (7 nights) at the Ecolodge l'Etoile d'Argens.
  •  The sponsor can use maximum 2 gift cards per stay.
  •  The gift card is valid during 1 year from the moment the sponsored person payed the the entire stay.
  •  This offer can’t be combined with other offers and is neither retroactive


For the sponsored person :

  •  For at least the last five years, none of the participants have to had stayed at the Ecolodge Etoile d’Argens
  •  The sponsorship offer had to be addressed to us before the beginning of the first stay.
  •  Only one gift card will be accepted per family and per file.
  •  This offer is not retroactive