Free cancellation

Book your vacation now. If the Covid-19 made it impossible for you to go on vacation, cancel your stay up to 15 days before departure and we will reimburse you in full.


Travel serenely !


Take advantage of our
free cancellation offer
to organize
your next vacation
with complete peace of mind.

In the current climate of uncertainty, you are certainly asking yourself the question: how to organize your next vacation?
Concerned about your satisfaction and your well-being, we offer you the possibility to cancel your stay for free if the covid-19 made it impossible*, up to 15 days before departure.
* We will reimburse in full and with proof only, the total amount paid (for all reservations made after May 26), if:
   • You or a person registered on the rental contract is affected by the coronavirus.
   • You are in a containment zone preventing you from going to the campsite.
   • The campsite is in a containment zone.

Travel smart! Thanks to the cancellation offered:
- You take no risk
- You can now plan and organize your next vacation with confidence



* Offer valid on any stay booked after May 26, 2020, for holidays between July 11 and October 18, 2020 at the Ecolodge in one of our KlassicKonfortKosy or Lodge Kabane on stilts.
** Non-retroactive offer

*** reimbursement upon presentation of proof only
Insurance for a peaceful vacation.