Welness area

Your well-being is at the heart of our concerns and we want your stay at the Ecolodge to be under the sign of relaxation and serenity.
During your holidays in Fréjus, give yourself a relaxing parenthesis thanks to our dedicated team.
We offer a range of treatments, personalized body and face massages, eyelash extensions, and a hair salon.
Opt for the well-being that you want and need.


Your well-being and beauty stay at the Ecolodge

The Ecolodge L'Etoile d'Argens offers you a stay of well-being and beauty by welcoming you to its area dedicated to relaxation.

The wellness area is located in the heart of the Ecolodge and receives men and women by appointment.
We invite you to enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation for relaxing holiday.

Centre bien-être de l'Ecolodge l'Etoile d'Argens - Services 5 étoiles

Massages to promote your well-being

Ecolodge offers tailor-made massages according to your desires and needs:

  • Intuitive personalized care
    • Fluid and enveloping, invigorating, deep gestures for a subtle journey between Asia, East and West.
    • Duration: 30min, 1h or 1h30
  • A la carte treatments
    • This treatment is ideal for activating blood circulation and removing muscle tension.
    • Duration: from 30min to 2h, depending on the treatment
  • Face feeling
    • Cleansing and stress relieving, this treatment combines an exfoliation, the application of a mask and a facial massage.
    • Duration: 30min, 1h or 1h30
  • Plantar or palmar reflexology
    • Very relaxing, brings a feeling of lightness and improves blood circulation.
    • Duration: 30min or 1h
  • Mom-to-be massage
    • It provides physical and psychological relief and can be used to facilitate childbirth.
    • Duration: 1 hour
  • Favorite treatment
    • Facial treatment + back and legs massage
    • Duration: 1h20
  • Child care
    • Cotton Relaxation, Beauty Face, Fairy Fingers
    • Duration: 30min

Contact Siri on 06 13 85 25 17



Hair removal, nail salon and make-up

  • Hair removal
    • woman (eyebrows, legs, face, armpits, arms, bikini line)
    • man (eyebrows, neck, shoulders, ears, armpits, back, torso, legs)
    • package
  • Hand and / or foot nail care (nail polish, semi-permanent, gel)
  • Beauty of the hands and / or feet (exfoliation, modeling, mask, cream)
  • Make-up day, evening or child

Contact Siri on 06 13 85 25 17



A hairdresser at your service

For natural beauty, while respecting your hair and the environment.
° Hairdressing packages Women, Men, Teens, Children
° Beard care
° Hair colors & highlights Ammonia and vegetable free
° Energy cup "Trichotherapy"
° Duration: 1h30
° Hair ritual
° Duration: 40 min. at 60 min.
Contact Christelle on 06 13 97 32 65