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On September the 15th, about two weeks ago, the team of the Ecolodge l'Etoile d'Argens got involved for the World Clean Up Day.
Many participants came across to clean up the river of the Argens, the Etangs de Villepey and the beach of the Esclamandes.
Today is the time for a review.

World Clean Up Day 2018 - Ecolodge l'Etoile d'Argens

The origin of the World Clean Up Day

In 2008, 10 years ago, in Estonia, the Let's Do It movement was born. From this first year, this movement managed to mobilize 4% of its population to carry out a waste collection action. That day, 10 000 tons will be collected. This is the beginning of a great adventure that year after year is spreading around the world.


In 2014, Let's Do It achieves 7 countries and 5% of their population to participate.


For its 10 years anniversary, the movement decided to see things bigger by creating a global movement to clean up our planet: the World Clean Up Day.

Today, 156 countries are involved in this action. A French association, World Clean Up Day France, was created to anchor this action in France and federate all citizens in this beautiful project.

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The action of the Ecolodge for the World Clean Up Day

At the occasion of the World Clean Up Day 2018, Ecolodge l'Etoile d'Argens organized its own Clean Up day in Fréjus. Our goal: Clean up the Argens!

We provided to our participants kayaks, paddles, our water shuttle and all the necessary equipment to pick up the garbage.


We have also defined 3 paths:

  •  The Esclamandes beach at Saint-Aygulf
  •  The Etangs de Villepey, Natura 2000, a protected area.
  •  The river Argens which goes around the cities of Frejus, Roquebrune and others.

This beautiful day ended with a friendly picnic with all participants.


Prêt de kayak et paddle pour le World Clean Up Day de l'Ecolodge

The results of our action Clean Up Day: Clean up the Argens!

Around the world, the World Clean Up Day brought together 13 million people in 156 countries.


The Ecolodge World CleanUp Day 2018 in numbers:

  •  150 participants
  •  2060 kg of waste collected
  •  8m3 filled

Among this rubbish we found: an office chair, television screens, plastics, cigarette butts and many other things ...


The World Clean Up Day 2018 is without a doubt the biggest positive civic action in history!

Bilan du World Clean Up Day de l'Ecolodge

The cooperative partners of the Ecolodge for the World Clean Up Day

As the initiator of Clean Up the Argens, we would like to give a special thank to our partners for their donations and their involvement in this event.


Without them, this operation would not have been possible and these rubbish would still be in the nature. Despite our efforts to collect as much waste as possible, there are still a lot of them left.

Partenaires du World Clean Up Day 2018 de l'Ecolodge

Did this Ecolodge World Clean Up Day action raise up an awareness in you and which one?

We all know that the cleaning of our planet is not an end in itself and that it is above all a question of initiating a general awareness. It is interesting to question the impact of this action. We would love to receive testimonials from you about this subject, for this you can send an email to


For this reason, we look forward to see you on November 19th for the official record of this global action. At the end of this statement, we will be able to define if this action will be carried out next year; in which case we hope to count once again on your support to carry out this future action.


In the meantime, we invite you all to continue to do your part to protect our beautiful planet!