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World Clean Up Day 2019 : Results


One week ago, Saturday, Septembre 21th, the Ecolodge Etoile d'Argens took part in the global movement which is the World Clean Up Day.

Back in pictures on this beautiful second edition of the operation: "Clean the Argens"

World Clean Up Day 2019 Ecolodge Etoile d'Argens

Every year, since more than 10 years, this global Day for the Plant gather more and more people.

The edition 2019 of this movement which became international : the World Clean Up Day (before, it was Let's Do It) has been very successful, et especially in France thank to the association "World Clean Up Day France" which have anchored more strongly the movement in the Country.




The Ecolodge Etoile d'Argens aims to protect the environment.

Naturally, the Ecolodge decided to participate this year again and took part in these operations, which became sadly indispensable.

A week ago, the Ecolodge gathered a large number of participants despite the threatening weather for the second edition of its operation "Clean the Argens".

As same as last year, paddles, kayaks and river shuttles were made available to many participants picking up waste on the banks of the Argens and Esclamandes beach.

From 8am, we all met on the platform at the riverside for a free breakfast. Some cafes and dumps signed later, here we are aboard the boats, ready to leave.
Most will cross the river to the Esclamandes beach, very windy this Saturday morning.

The others, very brave, board kayaks and paddles, looking for waste along the river.


Midday, all the participants came back. We collected the wastes in the dumpster before sharing all together, a picnic. The first drops of rain come to end this beautiful morning.



Results of the operation "Clean the Argens": 

  •  100 participants gathered
    • half of them were children
  •  A  filled 8m3 dumpster
  •  300 kg of waste collected
    • Essentially plastics, polystyrene, cigarette butts.
    • But also a plastic pontoon, a sunbath, a plastic bin, a fridge, tires and many more ..


Sponsors of the operation


A huge thanks to all the sponsors of the event. Without you, we wouldn't have been able to do anything.

So, thank you for your donation and you willing to help which allowed to carry out this operation.







We are happy that the operation took place even though we were less numerous than expected because of bad weather.

A big thank you to all participants who got up very early for the Planet. We note that the number of waste has decreased considerably compared to last year, which is very encouraging!

But there are still some ...