The green minute

A real botanical trail at Ecolodge


Biodiversity panels have been installed in our botanical trail

un véritable sentier botanique au sein de l'ecolodge l'étoile d'argens à Fréjus

Signs installed in our botanical trail 

Within Ecolodge, we now have at your disposal a real botanical path that extends over a few hundred meters, in the center of the campsite and leads you to the river.

1. First step: a naturalist came to make a complete inventory of the area by listing the species and identifying those that are rare and protected.

Do you know that we have for example weeping beeches and a very old fig tree?
2. Second step: our communication officer has made beautiful panels by selecting the species that are most interesting
3. Third step: Our great garden maintenance team enjoyed putting the panels in the right places! Also, the Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux installed several nesting boxes in this natural area that we are proud to have so that the hundreds of species of birds and fluffy animals will continue to be comfortable here.


All you have to do is walk around and enjoy the calm of nature and the richness of biodiversity.

You can walk your animals, or ride your bike, and the signs that have been installed allow children to differentiate in a playful way the medicinal and/or edible plants, to know their origin and the little anecdotes of each. Activities around this botanical trail will be set up with the mini-club, in the form of games.



sentier botanique balade en pleine nature